「Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%」

Two years ago, my best friend gave me the first pair of Ultra Boost, which completely refreshed my understanding and upper limit of the comfort of sneakers; and two years later, a pair of running shoes named Zoom Vaporfly 4% and the name The technology of ZoomX redefines my understanding and breaks the upper limit.

With the success of the Breaking 2 project last year, Zoom Vaporfly 4% and ZoomX gradually entered the public's field of vision. As a pair of complete marathon running shoes, the design considerations of Zoom Vaporfly 4% are also from the perspective of professional athletes rather than everyday consumers: extremely light weight, extremely breathable upper, and most importantly, softness. Unparalleled midsole.
The feeling when I put on the Zoom Vaporfly 4% for the first time is really difficult to express in words. ZoomX is not as full of energy and feedback as Boost, but the softness is also beyond Boost. At the same time, with the curved carbon fiber board design on the upper midsole, it is difficult for me to even feel the presence of the ground when wearing it.
I did not hesitate to buy this pair of shoes. This is also the first pair of professional running shoes I bought.
Kipchoge wore another pair of running shoes equipped with ZoomX, Zoom Vaporfly Elite, which broke the world record.
At a certain level, Nike’s Breaking 2 plan and Kipchoge’s performance against the sky in the past two years have not only demonstrated Nike’s marathon ambitions and capabilities, or have made a good job for ZoomX. This kind of success is inspiring runners all over the world to challenge their limits, break through physical obstacles, and create new legends.
Also in 2018, Nike signed a contract with Justin Gallegos, a sophomore from Oregon who suffered from cerebral palsy but has been keen on long-distance running. Maybe we don't have the incomparable talent given by God like Kipchoge, or the same logistical conditions as other professional athletes, but what we need for running is more the will to move forward and the courage to challenge ourselves.
The charm of competitive sports is always the collision and confrontation between people, not technology. However, through one after another outstanding technology and generation after generation of outstanding products, Nike encourages people who love running all over the world to put on their running shoes, take a step forward, and march towards the unknown new world.
Maybe at the moment, ZoomX and Zoom Vaporfly 4% still seem to be superior, but one day they will also fly into the homes of ordinary people. And when that day comes, more people will definitely start to fall in love with this purest sport and continue to challenge the limits of the human body.
This is also Nike, and all we want to see.