This pair of shoes comes from a joint collaboration between Nike and air max97. The time mark "MT.14:25" on the shoes represents the legend of Jesus walking on the sea in Matthew 14:25 in the Bible.
It is reported that this pair of sneakers was designed by the Korean creative brand MSCHF. The creative concept is based on the story of Jesus walking on the water in the Gospel of Matthew. After a long period of transformation, Nike Air Max 97 made this "Nike Jesus shoes" ".

This pair of Air Max 97 is not just a pair of simple joint names. Unlike the previous joint name, this pair of shoes is even linked to Jesus. It can be said that the artist is bold!

The shoe box is engraved with the inscription of Matthew's Gospel "MT.14:25". The upper of the sneaker is made of 100% frankincense wool, and the Air Max 97 shoes body is white and turquoise.

This special pair of sneakers first attracted the attention of shoe powder. Water was injected into the air cushion of the sole. It is reported that this is water from the Air Max Shoes Jordan River, so people can see the "holy water" flowing in the air cushion when walking. (In the history of Abrahamic religion, the Jordan River is considered one of the holiest rivers.)

The uniqueness of this pair of Cheap Air Max 97 shoes is the unique steel cross on the lace position, the red decoration of the insole, etc.!

Daniel Greenberg, head of MSCHF's commerce department, said: "What we want to tell you is that the current culture of cooperation has become ridiculous. In this case, we want to try to work with Jesus and see if the results will What it is like. As a Jew, I only know that he walks on water.

It is this pair of Air Max 97 x INRI Jesus Shoes Jesus holy water, the shoe market is also anxious. Once the market was on sale, it was swept away.