"Air Max is Nike’s highly sought-after classic series. Its visible air cushion design (Visible Air) has created the legendary position of the Nike brand for 25 years. This key technology is hidden deep in the foam material midsole. Consumers can’t see it. The Air Max sneakers released by NIKE in 1987 marked the beginning of visible technology. Since then, each generation of Air Max sneakers has improved on the basis of the previous ones, providing Stronger cushioning also shows more and more innovative ability.#Nike#Nike Nike Air Max 90 Visual air cushion stitching ladies sports shoes#Sports shoes

When it comes to running shoes, the most important thing is that the sole should have good cushioning to minimize the damage caused by the impact. For the Nike Air Max series of running shoes, the sole is made of air. Transparent Pebax cage wraps and supports Nike's Air-Sole unit, using Air Max to bring excellent cushioning to the heel, lightweight mesh upper with good air permeability, Waffle Fill sole, flexible, soft and durable , The curved groove can enhance flexibility. "

Speaking of NIKE·AIR MAX, my favorite should be max1 and max9. The first thing that everyone thinks of should be the max90, because "the famous 90 has almost a pair of people on the street, it has been badly rotten on the street, a certain treasure is rampant, and consumers are terrible."

Max90 is a cultural shoe produced by Nike. The so-called cultural shoes can be interpreted as basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, indoor training shoes, dancing shoes, etc., except for subdivided types of shoes, all can be called cultural shoes, such as Speaking of board shoes, such as NIKE's dunk, Adi's shell head.

I personally think that max90 is especially suitable for girls, not only because of its beautiful lines and small soles, but also because of its high heels, which is not suitable for basketball or running. Active boys may easily wear them. And its shoe body is relatively narrow, the version is thin, the sole is made of waffle rubber sole, the grip is particularly strong, and it is more suitable for the weak. Of course, we can't generalize, some boys are still very cool to wear~

Although Max90 is not a professional running shoe, its shock absorption effect is particularly good, and it will feel very strong when worn, so it is not lightweight and functionally weaker than other Nike models. Just use it as a casual shoe to match it. I don’t like to go into the bad street stuff myself, but I watched the Korean drama "Pinocchio", the heroine in it has a pair of gray mint green color, the upper is mainly characterized by mesh and suede Bad street, otherwise I can only collect it~

Max90 itself has no special advantages. It is mainly casual and well-matched clothing. It is a boutique in sneakers, and it is a little low in sports shoes. Short people can wear it as a height-enhancing shoe. It was improved on the basis of max1 (produced in 1987, the first generation of visible air-cushion shoes) in 1990, and some new colors will be released every year. The upper materials are also different, such as mesh, cloth, leather, etc. And so on, can also be customized.