In order to pay tribute to the LGBTQ collective, Nike brings a special "BETRUE" design series every year to call for equality and love. On June 5th, Nike officially released the new AF1 of the 2020 “BETRUE” series. This is also the first Air Force 1 shoe in the Betrue series, which has attracted the attention of shoe fans.

This year is the third anniversary of the Betrue series. Nike has added AF1 to this series for the first time. As the AF1 has become more and more popular in the past two years, this pair of shoes has attracted a lot of attention before they were released. The white shoe models make many white shoe fans fall in love with it. June 6th is LGBTQ Day in the United States. This pair of shoes was released on the 5th to support LGBTQ groups, so it is a kind of public welfare-related shoes, and because the shape design is more in line with my aesthetics, so I bought a pair for everyone Do a simple out-of-the-box evaluation.

Overall packaging:
Air Force 1 Low Paper bag:
I went directly to Nike Lab to buy shoes. There is a lab's iconic eco-friendly bag. If you buy online, there should be no bags but shoe boxes.

Air Force 1 Low Shoebox:
One of the highlights of this Betrue series is this special rainbow shoe box. As we all know, the symbol of the LGBTQ group is the rainbow flag. The shoe box reflects this (this shoe box is still worth collecting)

On the side is the Betrue logo, the place of origin of the shoes, shoe size information, etc...

Open the box and you can see the special Betrue wrapping paper. Even the backing paper has been changed. This shows that this sale is quite sincere.

Air Force 1 Low Appearance design:
Air Force 1 Low vamp:
The overall white color is the main tone, and the whole shoe shape and general appearance are the same as the classic AF1.

The upper is made of lychee leather, the material is relatively advanced, and the hook is made of patent leather

There are many rainbow elements that symbolize the LGBTQ community as embellishments on the shoes, including Swoosh's zigzag silver laser hook, which can also show colorful colors under the light.

Air Force 1 Low Toe cap:
This time the toe cap has been modified in the punching design, with some small round holes, and the edging has also been made into a special zigzag shape.

My favorite is the AF1 brand of laser technology, which enhances the texture of the entire toe cap a lot.

Air Force 1 Low shoelace:
Shoelaces are more ordinary, just ordinary white shoelaces, slightly metallic material wraps the shoelace head, no other styles of shoelaces are included.

Air Force 1 Low Tongue:
The classic AF1 logo is paired with a rainbow flag to highlight the "Betrue" theme.

Air Force 1 Low insole:
I personally like the design of the insole this time. The two rainbow gradient insoles of different colors are printed with the word BETRUE, and the pattern is a variety of Nike logos.

Air Force 1 Low Heel:
The heel is the focus of the design of this pair of shoes. The rainbow pattern of embroidery is adopted, the line is very fine, and the color gradient is also very beautiful.

Air Force 1 Low Sole:
The creamy white translucent sole with a white upper and rainbow pattern is very distinctive.

Air Force 1 Low Feeling on the feet:
I personally feel that most of the AF1 has the same foot feel except for some very special joint names, the insole is fairly comfortable, the sole is hard, and the body of the shoe is generally softer because it is made of lychee leather. Because it is a good-looking white shoe, it is very easy to match a variety of outfits.