Love for functional clothing and admiration for Errolson Hugh. In the past year, I gradually found a suitable fashion style and matching skills, and functional clothing has become a very important and core part of it.

For myself, compared to the Clot X Air Force 1, Air Presto Mid X ACRONYM® is more in line with the concept of "dream realization". In 2016, I missed the sale of Air Presto Mid X ACRONYM® at that time, and fell in love with these shoes and the design of functional wind. In other words, although Air Presto Mid X ACRONYM® is not the beginning of my sneaker journey, it is 100% the beginning of my discovery of my interest in performance.

Because of color matching, volume and other reasons, the three pairs of Air Presto Mid X ACRONYM® in 2018 have completely lost the popularity of a shoe that was hard to find in the past, but it has also given Errolson Hugh or functional faithful believers a dream. The opportunity, of course, also includes me. In addition to this pair of yellow, I also bought another pair of pink and blue colors for some custom processing.

In this list of ten pairs of shoes, these two pairs of Air Presto Mid X ACRONYM® are relatively cheap in price, and it seems that they are not welcomed by many people. However, for me, they opened my journey and finally returned to me, and this meaning is not applicable to everyone.

In 2014, Errolson Hugh collaborated with NikeLab for the first time, opening an era of functional clothing. From that time on, function began to gradually break away from the traditional outdoor cross-country clothing framework, and develop and evolve towards futuristic urban functionalism. Although we cannot attribute all our success to Errolson Hugh's genius inspiration, he did create a new fashion style in his own way, and it continues to this day.

How exciting is the performance of the past two years?

Off-White, Maison Margiela, Palace, and even Prada have launched their own functional style clothing; while traditional functional and outdoor brands, such as Stone Island, The North Face and Columbia, have also changed their faces to conform to the current popular urban functional style And walked back to the center of the fashion stage. And the design of metal fittings that has been heating up this year, including Matthew M Williams and Heron Preston, has also borrowed and referred to functionalist design to some extent.

Function is no longer a fancy dress, it has been proven, and it has also been on the runway time and time again, and is appreciated and understood by the whole world.

And all this may really begin with Errolson Hugh's bold attempt in 2014.

Four years later, on July 10, 2018, Errolson Hugh confirmed that his collaboration with the NikeLab ACG series is about to end, and the 2018 autumn and winter series will be the final season.

He finally chose to leave, leaving the stage he built, leaving behind one classic and extraordinary work after another: ACG Alpine Jacket; ACG 3-in-1 System Coat; ACG Cargo Pants; Lunar Force 1 X ACRONYM® And Air Presto Mid X ACRONYM®.

The Air Presto Mid X ACRONYM®, launched in the second half of this year, is like a gift from Errolson Hugh to everyone, to recall the beauty of the past four years with us and realize the unfulfilled dream.

This is the best farewell to everyone.