After several years of dormancy, Clot and Edison Chen have returned to the public's field of vision together, and have continued to work hard in the past year, bringing many excellent works.Clot X Air Force 1 From the launch event held at New York Fashion Week at the beginning of the year, to the joint name with NikeLab at the end of the year, and the finale of the Air Jordan 13 Low Terracotta Warriors and Horses at the end of the year, Clot and Edison Chen used their methods to show the world the trend of Chinese culture and art. Attitudes and abilities in the world.

In my eyes, returning to Clot X Air Force 1 white silk after a lapse of nine years is the biggest surprise that Clot brought us this year.

The sale of Clot X Air Force 1 in the US was scheduled for February. However, the original offline NikeLab sale was not carried out, only a small amount of sale was carried out in Juice stores in New York and Los Angeles.

For white silk, no amount of introduction will only appear cumbersome, and its classic meaning does not need to be repeated. In 2009, Clot and Edison Chen used red silk to establish their absolute leadership position in China and even Asian trend culture. In this year’s reissue version, Clot and Edison Chen tried their best to copy the 2009 version of the red silk, but significantly reduced the selling price, making the white silk truly a pair of shoes that the public has a chance to own. From this From a perspective, both Clot X Air Force 1 Clot and Edison Chen helped sneaker lovers who love Clot and Chinese culture to fulfill their wishes.