With the solid foundation laid in 2017, Nike and Virgil Abloh pushed "The Ten" to an unprecedented peak in 2018: After adding two new colors to almost every pair of Air Max shoes, they still let "The Ten" "It maintains a high degree of popularity and acts as the darling of the market. It can be said that in 2018, the chance that consumers can purchase "The Ten" at an appropriate price has greatly increased, which is a blessing for consumers who appreciate Virgil's deconstructed aesthetics.

I bought this pair of Air VaporMax Shoes in advance with Exclusive Access on SNKRS. This is my first and only time to get SNKRS Exclusive Access. Although VaporMax is not one of my favorites in the “The Ten” series, in a sense it chose me, and I naturally respect it. The interesting thing is that when I bought it on Thursday, the express delivery was delivered to my home on Saturday morning. It was also when the SNKRS official lottery sold the shoes. Holding new shoes in my hand and watching the countdown on the phone is really a happy experience.

This is my second pair of "The Ten" and the last pair so far. The original version of Air VaporMax Off-White was designed in all black with white swoosh, while the new version released in April this year uses a pure black and pure white upper with an ice blue air cushion design, which looks even more To be low-key. Compared to several other pairs of shoes, Virgil did not make too many exaggerated improvements for this pair of Nike Air VaporMax. The biggest and most significant change is the addition of retro tongues, and Virgil tried to use this design to "draw a timeline, starting from the earliest running shoes and ending with new sneakers that have not yet been released." Except for this design. , Other transformations are basically some design elements shared by "The Ten", including text and safety buckles. In general, this pair of Air VaporMax Off-White is not a pair of completely subverted shoes, but this also allows it to be used more widely in daily collocations without appearing abrupt.
At the 2017 ComplexCon, I met Virgil Abloh for the first time. In the past year, I listened to many lectures and wrote many articles about him to show everyone the designer's inner world and the connotation of the design as much as possible.

In an interview with Hypebeast, the cutting-edge British designer Kiko Kostadinov made a sharp mockery of Virgil and Louis Vuitton, who is currently in charge of him:

These brands do not have their own styles. They trade design directors and just want to be liked by consumers. Fashion should not be trapped by business and profitability. Just focusing on the benefits before the eyes is tantamount to chronic suicide for brands.
I don't fully agree with Kiko Kostadinov's point of view. Fashion is a business rather than a pure art, especially for giants like Louis Vuitton. And what we have to admit is that at the moment, the person who is best at seizing the heart of consumption to help the brand make money is Virgil Abloh.

As a designer born as a street brand manager, Virgil Abloh transformed Off-White with a speed visible to the naked eye, completely removing the label of street brand for it; and "The Ten", a collaboration with Nike, was launched from the market. From that moment on, this series was destined to have an immortal status in the history of sneakers and even fashion trends.

He is too suitable for this era. But is this the sorrow or happiness of the times?

Everyone has different answers.

For "The Ten", Virgil Abloh's dedication and sincerity are rare. Its legend and success will never be shaken or attenuated by the re-engraving. On Christmas Day, Virgil announced that there will be no new updates for "The Ten" after the two new color-matched Air Max 90. For consumers who love “The Ten” and Virgil, it’s time to realize their dreams.

For myself, it is my honor to witness and own two pairs in "The Ten", and it is also an important part of my sneaker career.