Nike Air Force 1 is currently a very popular style, classic and versatile. There are many color schemes for Air Force 1. Which one should I choose? In addition to the classic small white shoes Air Force 1, there are actually many bright colors worthy of our recommendation. Below, let’s take a look at the Nike Air Force 1’s most worthy series recommendation, I hope you will like it.

In addition to white, black is also a more versatile color. Last year, OFF-WHITE and AF1 launched a joint shoe that is a versatile and stylish AF 1. The shoes use OW’s iconic deconstructed design, which is very street-fashioned, and the pure black color is easy to take care of, and is also suitable for feet in autumn and winter.

In April when the NBA playoffs started, Nike launched an NBA playoffs-themed Air Force 1. The vamp adopts a more versatile off-white color, including the tongue and swoosh are off-white, and the gold AF1 on the lace buckle is full of texture. With AF1 white shoes all over the street, a pair of off-white AF1s are not only equally versatile, but the basketball pattern design on the details of the sneakers is even more unique.

Summer is the season of white af1 shoes. The pure whiteb has always been the most popular one among Air Force 1 . This year, Nike made some changes on the basis of the white shoes, and launched a more fashionable AF1. Plus Wei Queen-Tan12, a variety of original original box nike, adidas sports shoes. Support inspection support to pay.

The shoe upper still uses the classic pure white Air Force 1 Shadow leather upper, while the purple gradient design is used on the midsole and swoosh. This change makes it not only stand out among the many small white shoes, but the brilliant and fashionable colors are very eye-catching, which is very suitable for summer travel.

The plaid pattern has always been a classic among all-matches, and the AF 1 is a versatile sneaker. The two low-top Air Force 1s released last month not only use the classic AF 1 shoe type, but also use a classic plaid fabric design on the upper, and a four-color splicing design of red, yellow, blue and green, which is versatile Without losing personality

Maintenance method of white AF1 Shoes:

Liquor: Knead the paper towel into a ball, pour the liquor on the paper ball, and put the paper ball in the shoe. Alcohol can kill most bacteria and fungi, and can reduce odor.

Camphor ball: Put the camphor ball in a cloth bag and put it in the shoe.

Bamboo charcoal: Put the bamboo charcoal bag in your shoes. Bamboo charcoal is absorbent and can remove the odor in shoes.

Orange peel: There are many honeycomb-like substances in the orange peel, which can absorb the peculiar smell in the shoes.

White vinegar: Knead the paper towel into a ball, and pour the white vinegar on the paper ball. The volatility of white vinegar can take away the peculiar smell in shoes.

Tea: Dry the used tea dregs, put them in a cloth bag and put them in shoes. Dry tea has adsorptive properties, which can eliminate odors in shoes.